Title:  Animals of Kumiki

    Country of origin: Japan

    Designer:  Sabu Oguro

    Maker: U-Plan

    material: Oak Wood

    Story : It is said a tree cut down at its age of 100 years old
       produces wood which exhibits the maximum strength
       after another 100 years. The warmth and grace of
       wood seem to me the evidence that wood is alive.
       With a desire to make forms of animals in wood, I
       have been trying to think out a variety of combinati-
       ons of forms in Kumiki. From familiar cats and dogs
       to camels living far away by Nile River, they are all
       close together in harmony to form animal families.
       I hope the Kumiki animals, cut out of a simple piece
       of board and sheltering the spirit of a tree, will be
       touched by the hands of all the children and the
       grownups who never loose the young idea to enhan-
       ce their free and inexhaustible sensibility and intelle-
       ctual curiosity.

Sat 6, Aug 2022
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